Repurposing Coconut Shells

November 16, 2023 4 min read

Repurposing Coconut Shells

Ten Ways On How to Reuse the Coconut Shells. You Have to Experience It Yourself.  

As widely known, the coconut tree is the “tree of life”. People are manufacturing environmentally friendly  products with it. 

For instance, people are using coconut leaves as a roofing material for houses, to wrap rice, for cooking, make toys, and to make brooms. The flesh is being used for food, milk, and flour. Coconut water for a healthy and refreshing drink. The oil is used for cooking, skincare, and hair care. The husks are a natural scrubber,  eco cleaning products, and craft material. The woods are used as lumber and in making fires for traditional kitchens.  

Lastly, coconut shells have potential uses in the home and garden. These are promising resources that can be upcycled into compost, biochar, handicrafts, jewelry, utensils, and even planting receptacles. 

The coconut shell is the strongest part covered in coconut fruit.  

Here are the 10 Uses of Coconut Shells: 

1. Coconut Shell Plant Pot 

Beautify your garden using the coconut shell. Make it smooth and put a little paint. Explore different designs.  Then, poof! Now you have zero waste home! 


2. Coconut Shell Basket 

You just need to show your creativity with it. Make holes on the sides of the coconut shells. Then attach  strong and stylish strings to it. Use the coconut shell basket to carry things in, such as freshly cut herbs and  flowers, freshly laid eggs, and seeds from your garden.

3. Coconut Shell Bowl 

The coconut bowls could be used as a wooden decorative coconut bowl, salad bowl, or a large wooden salad bowl if you want. 

It could be used in holding dried nuts or potpourri too. These bowls have an incredible impact. Just need to make it smooth using sandpaper, clean, and drain it. Put marks on it. Sand out the shell. Next, waterproof it.  Then, enjoy your coconut shell bowl! 

4. Candle Holder 

Simply clean up and prepare your coconut shell, then add your wick and carefully pour in the wax. Use it for  any occasions romantically for birthdays, ceremonies, and gift items to your loved ones.


5. Coconut Shell Jewelry 

Turn the pieces into some jewelry, for yourself or potentially to give away as lovely homemade gifts. You can  make native designs for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and even belts. Coconut shells are the most  durable materials to use.  



6. Coconut Shells Container 
People can use the coconut shells as trinkets to put their keys, coins pencils, pieces of jewelry, and other  tiny things. See? You can also have an organized house, office, and garden with the repurposed coconut  shell.


7. Bird Feeder 

Create a hanging bird feeder. Drill some holes at even spaces around the top and thread through some heavy  twine or thin rope. Tie at the top with a ring or similar to allow for hanging. Fill with birdseed and hang in an  appropriate place. Clean it every day. 

8. Coconut Buttons 

Carve buttons from the coconut shell fragments. Durable and pretty. You can add paint to your coconut shell  buttons as well. Use a variety of colors to make it stunning.


9. Simple but Effective Laddle 

This is a very amazing craft for those people who wants to have a native-style house, business, and fashion.  



10. Lamp shade 

If you're good with carving, you could carve a whole shell with neat holes in a pretty pattern. Add a globe and  lamp base and you'll have a wonderful lamp with many light patterns glowing from it. For sure, many people  would be interested in this. It adds sophistication to the home as decoration in their living rooms and  bedrooms.

Now you know! 

People have used different ways to repurpose coconut shells. They prefer to use this material because of its  ideal benefits and characteristics not only for personal use but also for commercial purposes. It is much better  to prefer zero waste products and establish a zero waste store if possible.  

Out of the coconut shells, you have just learned that naturally beautiful and create a rustic vibe when used  as decor. In fact, the dry coconut is considered to be an essential element in many rituals and festivals in  some places. Coconut shells, once discarded for no use, are now a greatly demanded raw material for many  products. Coconut shells are used in the handicraft industry to make unique pieces of art and utilities. Coconut  shell handicrafts are one of the main eco-friendly products that are available in the market. 

Things to remember: 

∙ Clean out the shell thoroughly and let it dry before using. Flesh and/or fluid left inside the shell may  rot and encourage mold growth, depending on the end-use and placement. 

∙ A split shell may not be suitable for the purpose you're intending. Be sure about the strength required  before using a split shell. 

∙ Use appropriate care when handling hammers and sharp tools to manipulate the shell. ∙ Coconut shells are natural and will break down over (a long) time, more so when exposed to severe  elements.

Promote Zero Waste!

Rather than throwing away, do the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 


Instead of putting the coconut shells along the side of your backyard, turn them into a useful creation. It will  add attraction not only in your house but also it can help you with your daily living. Sell your creations! 


Just be inventive, artistic, original, innovative, imaginative. There is no must in art because it is free. Creativity  takes courage.  


Spending much money is not necessary to have amazing and dashing home decorations, stunning jewelry,  and buying gift items for your loved ones. It is a form of your love for them. Then you will see that they have  recognized your efforts for them. Moreover, your sincerity will be acknowledged as well.  

Repurposing the coconut shells provide advantages and benefits to everyone. It is a matter of personal traits  to produce a perfect outcome useful to your business and even to your own needs.