About Us

Turning The Tides

Turning The Tides is a local Vancouver based business founded in 2020 with a goal of reducing plastic waste and encouraging positive change so everyone can live a healthier sustainable lifestyle.  

We want to inspire positive change, so in order to do that our products are selected with giving back to mother earth in mind.  Instead of creating products from scratch, all our products are repurposed so we pride ourselves on being a zero waste company  and a leader when it comes to supporting the circular economy.  


Our goal is to have a circular supply chain, and in order to do so we must take action now and foster a Fairtrade environment.  We promise our coconut bowls are made in safe environments and are handcrafted with love and care from our family to yours. 

Our core principal is being as transparent as possible so our customers can trust what they are getting.  We want to strengthen our community ties, so we work directly with local artisans and source directly from coconut and bamboo farms.

Sustainability and Zero Waste Packaging

Our love for sustainability is deeply entrenched in our values and commitment as an organization to be eco friendly company, as well as have zero waste packaging.  Everything we do stems from how we can make the planet a better place and ensure we eliminate plastic waste. Collectively we can all make small changes and focus on reusing products that are sustainable and have a minimal environmental impact.  Lets make this a reality and promote a healthier planet for everyone

Our Core Values

We have four core values that shape our daily routines and push us to succeed at the things we do best, and saving the environment at the same time.


We don't just care about material things.  We pride ourselves on making a difference and taking care of others.


At Turning The Tides, we encourage standing out and make a difference.  We are an open bunch and want to put smiles on people's faces.  


We are open and sincere.  We encourage questions and transparent honest communication

Having Fun

 From team meetings at the beach, to picking up trash from our oceans - we encourage having a good time! we take bold risks in the journey to completing our goals. 

We can all make a difference and save our world one pledge at a time

We believe in the choices we make today will impact our decisions tomorrow.  We want a more sustainable future for everyone, and we will not stop at just planting trees or cleaning up our oceans.  We will innovate along the way and find new solutions in preserving mother earth for generations to come.

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