Let's heal the world together

Do you want to be the problem or the solution?

Our  Impact 


Here at Turning The Tides, we believe in the choices we make today will impact our decisions tomorrow.  We want a more sustainable future for everyone, and we will not stop at just planting trees or cleaning up our oceans.  We will innovate along the way and find new solutions in preserving mother earth for generations to come.

Our Initiatives 



Want to plant 5 trees?  It is so easy, and you get to choose.  So lets get planting

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Ocean Plastic Cleanup

Hate seeing plastic in our oceans.  Lets clean up 1 kg of plastic waste from our oceans and make them beautiful again

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Trees Planted

1 2 1, 6 6 9 kg

Total pounds of 

plastic pulled




Our Solution

If we don't act now, plastic waste is everywhere.  It is in our food chain, in our hair products, oceans, clothing, and even in our air we breath.  An estimated 22 million kilograms of plastic leaks into our oceans every day, so what can we do. 

Now you can make a difference.  Here at Turning The Tides we have partnered with Verdn in supporting two initiatives aimed at reducing ocean pollution and ending deforestation world wide. Through a streamlined process using blockchain technology every impact is trackable and fully transparent meaning you can track the progress every step of the way.

Simply put, we need to start changing consumer behaviours and educate everyone how to live a more sustainable and plastic free life.   Shop our amazing line of eco friendly products, and together we can save our oceans.