Heal the world

Turning The Tides, is more than a business.  We inspire collective and tangible change




Each cleanup mission requires a unique approach due to different terrains, recent weather developments, ease of access to the impact zone, and location of the plastic.

As a Canadian brand,  we have a social responsibility to make a difference and do some good in this world.  That is why we are proud to have partnered with 4 Oceansand together we can save the oceans, rivers, and coastlines.  Join us on this movement and for every purchase you make, 1 pound of trash will get picked up from our oceans worldwide.   

Total pounds pulled


How does the plastic get recovered?


People are key.  We need humans to use innovate and use whatever they feel like using whether that is their hands, fishing nets, or other tools. 


Picking up trash is no simple task.  It involves specific vessels for each location.

Boom Systems

These boom systems are key in stopping the plastic before it enters our oceans.


Ever seen a machine suck up plastic pollution.  Well now you have.  These skimmers surf the ocean and suck up plastic 

How to save the ocean

Do you want to be part of the problem, or the solution.  If we don't act now, plastic waste is everywhere.  It is in our food chain, in our hair products, oceans, clothing, and even in our air we breath.  An estimated 22 million kilograms of plastic leaks into our oceans every day, so what can we do.  

Simply put, we need to start changing consumer behaviours and educate everyone how to live a more sustainable and plastic free life.   Shop our amazing line of eco friendly products, and together we can save our oceans.  

We are a proud partner of 4Ocean, and together we can reduce plastic pollution 1 pound at a time .  For every purchase you make. a digital e-certificate will be provided